Basket bags made a big comeback last spring and this year they are even bigger. I have been building up my basket bag collection lately and I’m obsessed. What’s funny is I remember seeing pictures of my grandma back in the 70s wearing giant earrings and basket bags. I love how some of these trends circle back.
These trendy bags do however come at a bit of a cost. I found this large basket tote at the Kate Spade outlet store last spring at a major discount. It has been a bag that has been on repeat to any beach event, and even the local farmers market.
Some of the other basket bags that I have been wearing on repeat is the Cult Gaia Ark bag, which now comes in a variety of colors. Some post I’ve worn this Ark bag are here, here, and here. I actually brought this down to Costa Rica with me and Andrew calls this my “Bird Cage Bag.” Even if it does look like a bird cage, I can’t stop wearing it, it instantly transforms any outfit I wear! If you are going to buy any basket bag this is my NUMBER ONE SUGGESTION!
Lastly I have been looooving my new basket bag from shop doen, worn here & here. The round shape makes this basket bag uber feminine! Again it’s another staple that instantly will transform your outfits, and you will be sure to get some compliments when you wear it! However there are some downfalls with this particular basket bag. One you have to hold it at the handles, this may not sound like a big deal, but it can be a tad annoying if you are trying to carry something else. Second, this bag really can’t hold that much, and if you put to much in it and weigh now the bag, you risk losing the structure! BUT even with these downfalls i’m still loving it because it is so different.


As I mentioned above, basket bag’s are a huge staple this spring. A trend you won’t want to miss. Pick what works for you, are you more of a clutch person? Large tote? Want lots of embellishments? Do it! Pick one, and wear it now through summer! It is a great transitional piece to invest in!
XX, Jas