Spring, Spring, Spring. When I think of Spring I immediately think of spring cleaning (which is strange because I don’t think I actually have ever done spring cleaning in my life.) However I am going to attempt to clean out my closet this week, post some new items on poshmark, drop some goods at Plato’s and maybe even throw some of the really battered pieces in the trash. Throwing away clothes has always been SO difficult for me. I find an excuse for everything. It’s the optimist in me.
Anj has been saying for weeks that I need to throw away some of my clothes, I basically have taken over our entire walk in closet PLUS our guest bedrooms closet. It’s a mess.
So this weekend I am going to make the attempt. Go through all my stuff to totally purge! One thing that I have found that usually makes this easier to gaining something in return. In this case if I sell my clothes not only will I free up some extra space in my closet, but I also with get a little cash! And that my friends calls for a little spring shopping spree! So literally out with the old, in with the new!
Below I am sharing a few of my favorite stores and some hot items I have been eyeing. I’d love to see what you purchase! Let me know in the comments below or even send me a snap at @JasmineNhorne on snapchat of the items you bought! Stay tuned to see some of the items I purchase as i will be posting them on the blog in the next month or so!






XX, Jas