We’re four weeks out from Easter Sunday and you have the advantage to order now some of the best picks to wear this year on April 16th. Why scramble shopping in the stores last minute? I’m all about making my life efficient AF. Keep it simple.
I found this green goddess dress at Miromar Outlets in Bloomingdale’s the Outlet Store. If you are in the Naples/FM area go check it out! I was just there yesterday on my lunch break and they had like 6 left!
My initial draw to this dress was all the different details. We got lace, sheerness, tassels, tie-ups, AND it’s a midi dress! Is there anything more I could ask for?! Oh that’s right it is in one of the HOTTEST colors of the season.
Besides this dress I have been seeing some major killers all over the internet. So I figured why not gather them for you? I pulled together everything from church-lace to brunch with your besties! Celebrate or not, a holiday is ALWAYS a good idea for a new dress. Lace is such a statement trend this year and I promise you are going to be seeing ALOT more of it.
My BFF just wore the first dress linked to a wedding and she looked insane! She purchased it in like a muted lilac color, and it was on point! PLUS that dress is less than $50. DEAL.

What will you wear this easter? Follow my Spring Pinterest Board for more inspiration!

XX, Jas