I’ve been alone & lonely chillin at my house all week I have had PLENTY of time to catch up on the blog, write a ton of post for you guys, amp up my pinterest game, and figuring out my strategy for the next six months or so. Side Note: Anyone know of any good blog/business planning tools that aren’t like a million dollars? I have something in the works for an actual service/product that I think you guys would be really interested in as it will make your life SO much easier. BUT I need help with a roll out plan & strategy. Let me know by email at or DM on instagram!
My roomie (Anj) left me for his first business trip 🙁 so the house has been seriously so empty feeling, so I like to fill the house with noise so I don’t get scared. Like when i’m going to bed I replay old episodes of like the OC or Gossip Girl just for something to be going on. Anyone else do this?! Haha! Being alone is also really great because in the morning when I’m getting ready for work, or after working when i’m grinding out some blog stuff I really like to jam. I BLAR jams over my little bose speaker!
Music has always been a huge part of my life, I love how it can instantly change your mood, or bring you back to a place or time in your life. In college I took this course on listening and one of the coolest projects we did was each day someone in the class would bring in a song, any genre, any language, anything and as a class we would all listen to the song together. It was SO COOL. I learned so much about different music I had never even heard of. Because of this class I got really turned onto  tropical & deep house. Give me anything kygo and I’ll listen on repeat. There is something relaxing, exciting, and feel good about this type of music. Since I just started creating a new playlist while anj is gone to jam to, I thought It would be fun to share with you guys! Take a listen at the below playlist and let me know what you think!

Play this playlist dancing in your house, the beach, a party, in the car, wherever! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Jamming in my house would be nothing without some comfy clothes to go with. Legit my uniform from 5-11pm is a big sweater and some leggings. So not only can you listen & jam with me to the below playlist but check out some of my favorite leggings and oversized sweaters i’m loving right now.

Any other song recommendations? I’m always looking for new playlist to follow on spotify.