Happy Hump Day My Beautiful, Online Friends!
Despite the snow storm happening throughout the Northeast, the warmer temps that have been happening have me bringing out ALL the stops when it comes to spring clothing. If you can’t tell I have been having a little off the shoulder moment over on instagram. I think it’s becoming a real obsession. Just wait till next week- YES, THERE’S MORE!  I know, so unoriginal of me, but I seriously can’t get enough!


  1. I didn’t buy any of it // 2. So can you

In the past few post I have been telling you about I have been trying out Rent the Runway’s New service “unlimited.”  If ya haven’t heard I’ll explain it again for you. Essentially you pay $130 bucks a month and then you can select up to three items at a time. ALL DESIGNER PIECES. So here is what I do. During the week, I usually dress pretty boring because i’m stuck in a cube, and have serious struggles getting up in the mornings. BUT on the weekends I try to dress as cute as I can with the proper options provided. Okay so on the first day of the month I order three items from RTR. Usually two clothing items and one bag or accessory. They get here by thursday and then I wear them Friday -Sunday. I then send all the items back and repeat the process. So by maximizing the amount of times you swap out throughout the month you could potentially wear 12 new items every month!

Interested? Get your first month for only $100 with this code!

There are some other options for renting your wardrobe besides RTR. However, I have found that they aren’t totally abundant yet, and there are not too many options to choose from.

Now for all of this Jewelry. ALL rented! From ROCKSBOX. You gotta love rocksbox, they send me some amazing pieces for only $21 a month. PLUS every month you get $21 of credit in your rocksbox store, so that you can apply it any purchase any baubles on their site. So basically the cost of membership cancels itself out! This time in my rocksbox I got not one but TWO kendra Scott pieces and one Kate spade bracelet! That’s insane. Keep them as long as you want and send them back and receive three more jewels within the next three-four days.

USE CODE: JASMINENHORNEXOXO at checkout for your first month free!

Take the hassle out of shopping, and start renting!
XX, Jas