Do you hoard all your clothes? Stuff as many pieces as you can in your closet? Make excuses of when you will wear that top, jeans or dress next?


As much as I go shopping you think this wouldn’t be a problem for me. But getting rid of clothes is a challenge! However I do try to re-wear things as many times I can so that I can get the most bang for my buck. That is why I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite looks from last spring and tell you how I am going to rejuvenate them. As you read think about items you currently have in your closet that you wore on repeat last spring and how you can incorporate those SAME pieces now for a fresh new look & feel!


Worn in THIS POST around valentines day last year. Pink lace has totally blown up! It is everywhere right now and even more is the midi! You all know I love a good Midi Dress moment, but this was one of my favorites from last year.
REJUVENATE by trading your wedges for some Adidas/converse and throw on a denim jacket for a feminine laid back look!


Last spring the only pants that I would wear were these leather leggings. I was obsessed. This LOOK was a go to for date night or even just hanging with the girls.
REJUVENATE by trading your pleather for ripped denim, Then tuck only the front of the chiffon tank in, and loose the strappy heels and go with a subtle flat or heeled mule and you will fit right in this season!


This look is hard to beat. It is one that I feel is not going to go out of style for at least a few more years. The bucket bag made it big last year and It’s still a constant favorite on rotation in my closet. This look is something you could wear exactly like this and be fine.
REJUVENATE by wearing platform wedges, some flashy earrings like the crispin drops below, and either keep the bucket bag, or go with an over-sized clutch, or fun spring bag.


Plaid Maxi Skirt

Plaid has  always been a staple for spring. It comes in so many variations. With this look I wore this plaid skirt in a field of flowers, and it worked great. Would be perfect for a spring BBQ, or gathering.
REJUVENATE by wearing some pointed toe mules, an updated spring basket bag, and a cropped white blazer jacket, oh and drop the hat for this one!

There ya have it! How I will be recreating and rejuvenating looks I already own in my closet. Some other ways you can get fresh new looks and styles without spending an arm and leg is to start renting your clothes! There are a few services out there starting up, but I have found the company with the most selection to be Rent the Runway. They have this unlimited deal that is $130 a month and you can essentially borrow as many pieces as you would like! PLUS they are all designer! Interested? USE THIS LINK for $30 off your first unlimited order!
xx, jas
Like this post?! Tell me below! What looks are you rejuvenating this spring?