Talking The War Between Women

Happy International Women’s Day!
A day built around empowerment, and standing up for what we as women believe in. A day to bring equality amongst men and women, to come together. But what is any of that if women can’t even come together collectively as a group?
I know that is coming off a little heavy, but I wanted to make a statement.
There are two types of women in this World. You know them well. You have the type that is inclusive, helpful, and giving. And then you have the type that is competitive, selfish, and cold. Granted I have met some AMAZING women in my life, some inspiring friends, mentors, colleagues, etc. As I have gotten older and I have grown to realize that the first type of women, the helpful, inclusive, giving kind is the type you want to surround yourself with. They are the ones that will cheer as you succeed, support you and your dreams, be the shoulder to cry on, and the ones that will build you up rather than bring you down.

I didn’t always know this.

To be honest, in my earlier days in middle/high school you probably would have labeled me as the second type of woman. The one that was competitive and selfish.I look back at all the personalities I tried to mold myself into during that time of my life and i’m embarrassed by the way I acted , the way I probably treated people. Granted that wasn’t me. That was how I thought I was suppose to act. How I was influenced by magazines, books, and movies. It’s sad and disheartening to see this still happen today, and at an even more exposed level.
Deep down in my truest roots I have always been the girl that has your back. The one that you can count on. I have learned through my collegiate experience, joining a sorority, and now blogging that we as women are stronger together. Collaboration between women is where the magic happens. The amazing women I have met in just this past year that build me up everyday, that help each other out, and provide support when I need it. They have inspired me to speak out.
Look at the current women in your life. Are they true friends? Women you want to surround yourself with? It is so easy to get caught up in the “cool” girls, or trying to be someone you are not. All that leads to is jealousy, confusion, and competition, and thats just EXHAUSTING! Instead we should be celebrating together, collaborating together, and cheering each other on together.

I encourage you to find your tribe!


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