Rose, a current favorite and neutral for spring, it always is so refreshing to see so many different hue’s of pink. Trust me you’ll be seeing a ton more of it here, rose as been on repeat for me lately! Rose is the perfect subtle in-between color. It’s not to shockingly bright like an actual pink, and its not as bland as a nude or tan. Rose also adds such an immediate feminine feel to any look.

TIP: Try adding in rose in more ways than just an outfit. Think bags, scarves, headbands etc.

When I saw this gorgeous rose pink midi two-peice dress from Revolve was on major sale I knew I just had to have it. I had it sitting in my hearts section for the past few months and then happened to see they insanely dropped the price! There are only a few left so if this is piece you are interested in buying you better head to revolve! SHOP TANK,SHOP SKIRT.
I added in some other of my rose favorites for you to personally shop as well in the above carousel. These are items I have been absolutely lusting over and hopefully I will have in my mailbox soon!
Lastly, I just had to tell you all because it was just too funny. The reason all of these images are horizontal in this blog post is because I attempted at being my own photographer! LOL. It was definitely a sight to see. Sometimes I just feel so annoying asking my friends and family take photos of me, I can be kind of demanding. SOO I bought myself a quick release remote for my camera and went to the local park and set up my tripod and started taking some shots. ONE the stupid remote can go more than 10 feet. FAIL. And TWO, it was literally the most windy day I think we have ever had in FL besides like a hurricane. So I along with my tripod was being blown in every direction possible. HOT MESS. So sorry you can barley see my shoes! Next time I’ll force Anj to take my photos of me again 🙁
xx, jas