Happy Friday Babes!
Man this week as been a long one, but i’m so looking forward to the weekend, to literally do nothing but chill. I actually was suppose to get a physic reading tomorrow, but the lady I bought a giftcard from in Naples pretty sure ripped me off, because their phone number doesn’t work… But stay tuned on that one. Maybe it’ll happen? Watch on Insta-story & Snap tomorrow am and find out!
Tonight I am wearing one of my new favorites from Rent the Runway. I have been trying out their unlimited service and i’m kinda loving it. Basically you pay $139 a month and get as many designer pieces you want! You first pick three items, I usually go with two outfit pieces- a dress, skirt, top etc. Plus one accessory. Once you are done with the items you ship them back and pick out three more. Do this as many times as you want! I have tested it for about two months now and have found I usually only get around four orders per month, based on how quickly I wear the items.

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Plus you can cancel anytime at no charge! I have been loving the items I have been getting and it’s so fun to consistently change out pieces in my wardrobe without constantly having to go shopping. Plus I get all designer pieces that I literally could NEVER afford unless I was doing this. Being poor is a terrible terrible thing…. whose with me?! For Example, this Tory dress which originally retails for $475 was included in my picks this week!
I thought this dress would be so much fun for spring, a pop of deep red pair with springs hottest shoe the mule and a cute basket bag?! You can’t go wrong! The only thing I didn’t totally love about this dress is the shoulders seem to ride up at any slight movement. It was cute to take photos in and grab a couple drinks. But not sure if it would be worth actually spending almost $500 on.

If you give rent the runway a try let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts! Don’t forget to use my code for $30 off your first order!!

xx, jas