Menswear & Green Juice

Happy (fat) Tuesday!
As I sit here stuffing my face with a buttload of goldfish I figured I would take the time to catch up with you all AND share some of my current favorites including MENSWEAR & GREEN JUICE.
I’ve been a little all over the place lately! So much has been happening behind the scenes between special projects, branding, going to NYFW, and creating additional ways I can bring value to you, lets just say its been wild.  I hope to continue to to create content four times a week for you guys! I’m always looking for feedback and would love to hear what you WANT to see from me. Is it more videos? (Check out the Youtube channel if you haven’t already, please subscribe!!) Is it more fashion posts? More general lifestyle posts?

LMK, k?

On a more boring note, Anj and I have been on the house hunt… and it has been, well interesting. We feel a little limited in our current area so we have been looking at a few neighboring towns to just get some change in our routine! We are prepping for an upcoming trip we are taking with some friends, and we even switched over to all organic meat! haha! Totally not relevant but, that was a big deal to us!

Alright, back to it.

Some of my current favorites that i’m absolutely loving right now is this menswear trend and Green Juice. I know juicing has been a thing forever, and was made super trendy by some boho cali babes, but green juice has started popping up more, and i’m all aboard that green juice train. Its refreshing, energizing, and I feel like all the nutrients help when I get headaches. Which I literally get ALL the time. Any one else green juice obsessed?
Secondly, I’ve always been the girl to throw on a pair of ripped jeans and just roll with it. I love a good denim and wouldn’t trade my jeans for anything. But there is something about adding a masculine button down that I have been loving right now. I literally have had this outfit on repeat. Both unbuttoned and tucked and buttoned allll the way up and untucked. I can’t get enough.
I added some masculine pieces I’m loving up top! I added some in both high and low price ranges depending on your preference!
That’s it for now… I’m going to have anj make me some pasta and veg out with some missed TV shows! Don’t Forget to SUBSCRIBE & Comment below OR on my latest instagram what you want to see more of from me!
xx, Jas