Ever since I was a little girl I have always dreamed of going to New York Fashion Week. Well back then I thought I would be going as a famous fashion designer from my made up clothing line Fashion Fever 101 ( I know. Don’t judge me, I was like 8). But as I got older and the dream of being a fashion designer faded I knew that going to NYFW was never going to happen for me.

Then the internet happened, and blogging became this amazing thing that a ton of people were doing. Covering tips, tricks and what was happening in the world via their personal internet websites. Well fashion brands and PR agencies began to take notice, that bloggers or “influencers” had power in what the potential market was going to think about new trends/designs. And that is how getting invited to NYFW became a thing.

A year and a half ago when I started blogging I knew I wanted to cover two things. Fashion and Travel. I set goals for myself on what I wanted to accomplish with my goal. And so far this year I am on point to hit a lot of them! It is so exciting to finally see my blog begin to flourish, I mean I went to NEW YORK FASHION WEEK. Like is that even real?!

Going to fashion week as a blogger was so much fun. I met some amazing bloggers that I had been following for awhile now, got connected with some important PR people, and got a first look at what Fall 2017 style is going to look like for us. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY.

Fashion Week is a whirlwind, there are so many events, parties, shows, presentations, appointments, and happy hours you have to go to! It can be totally exhausting. But If I had to break down some of my favorites from the week they would Dinner at TAO Downtown in Meatpacking. Seriously THE best Asian food I have ever had. Second would be the Michael Costello Show, he had some uber feminine pieces that were to die for. Think frills, sheer, sequins, and overall edgy glam. Lastly would the be Shopstyle Social House. Shopstyle host this super fun event every fashion week, and it’s a place where all influencers from the area gather to sample some of the latest spring/fall collections, network with other bloggers, and enjoy a quick cocktail!

Later this week I will break down the top Five trends you can expect to see come off the runway, a VIDEO of what fashion week was like, and next week I will even do a Hair tutorial video, because there was some MAJOR hairspiration on the runways this year.

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XX, Jas