Costa Rica Part Two

During our time in Costa Rica, we stayed a short ride away from a surf town called Tamarindo! Tamarindo is SUPER laid back and all the restaurants offer some kind of view of the beautiful pacific ocean. In this post I will break down some of my favorite spots we went to while in town and some of the excursions that we did throughout our time there!

Before I get into that, can we just talk about my LOVE for this bag. Andrew kept calling it my bird cage bag but i’m seriously SO obsessed. Living in Florida I felt as if I could get a ton of use out of this bag. It is a pain in the butt to pack in your suitcase, but man does it make a statement. I got this comfy black midi moo-moo dress from bloomingdales. I purchased it because I was looking for something loose and airy since we were attending an outdoor event. This dress with no wedges and no statement bag can be a little boring, but I knew it would be a hit with this Cult Gaia, Gaia’s Ark bag and some platform wedges! This bamboo handbag was a hit everywhere we went in Costa Rica!

When in town in Tamarindo you can find a ton of things to do. We spent a quick afternoon there checking out some local shops and grabbed a bite to eat. We later returned to have a nice dinner one night as well. Below are the three restaurants that we went to that I would HIGHLY recommend.

  1. Sprout– this is an all organic, naturally sourced eatery. We had AMAZING service there, and we all ended up ordering tacos. They were absolutely delicious and I would go back there in a second.
  2. Pangas– We had this giant seafood platter served on a hot piece of lava rock which was delicious but that was not even the best part. The best part was we were sitting right on the beach with our feet in the sand and the waves crashing right besides us.
  3. Lola’s- at Lola’s you will find a similar atmosphere as Pangas. Right on the beach with these giant wooden chairs & tables. In the back you will meet Lolita. She is a massive pig that is the daughter of the famous “lola” pig. Head down to the beach where they do half hour massages for only $20. Or rent a surf board and catch some waves with the other tourists and locals.

For excursions we only booked one thing. We booked a zipling tour from the website viator. I’ll put the link below. It was a ton of fun! It was a quick two hour tour and it consisted of 11 ziplines throughout the two hours. We got some awesome videos and photos so I will share those on Friday when I post my travel diary!

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xo, jas