FIVE Retro Trends to Bring into 2017







At the beginning of every year I always try to purge all of my clothes. Get rid of the ones that are just way too out of style, things that don’t fit anymore , and items that just don’t scream “hi, wear me!” You all know that feeling when you walk into your closet clearly looking at a full slab of clothes but immediately think, I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!

This will always be an ongoing struggle for women trying to compete with the latest trends happening in the market. Don’t worry, I’m right there with ya. I try to buy pieces that will remain classics, but I easily get bored with them and want to try something new.

One thing I do know, is how clothes make me feel when they are on. This is probably one of the biggest deciding factors for me when shopping. I go for comfort. I love the effortlessly put together look, think Blake Livley as Serena vanderwoodson.

As far as trends go, the whole retro & 70s vibe thing is so much fun to play with! So here are my top FIVE retro trends to bring into 2017. Mix the retro pieces with more modern wear for a more aclectic feel.

Retro Trend #1

  • Metallic- I’ve talked about this before here & here. But I seriously can’t get enough. I just think it is so much fun, gives your look life and brings you right back to the 90’s.

Retro Trend #2

  • Suede- We’ve seen the trend first emerge last spring and it is here to stay. Find a retro suede skirt or even some suede bell bottoms! Pair your suede with a total opposite like chiffon, or silk for a more modern feel.

Retro Trend #3

  • Flower Power- I don’t know about you but florals have never left my closet. I have always loved them and probably always will. But Florals & other obscene prints are popping up all over. Just go for the tasteful but also colorful ones to stay on trend.

Retro Trend #4

  • BabyDoll + Ruffles- Babydoll dresses were my THING. I loved them growing up. I even made one once with my sewing machine. But they are baaaaccck! Think simple styles, mixed with ruffles for a romantic and elegant look! Perfect for Date night.

Retro Trend #5

  • Round Shades- a few years ago round shades made it’s way into the market.But the the recent trends shifting more retro the shades have been selling out like crazy! If they will fit your face frame then go for it! I’m obsessed!

What other retro trends have you been trying?! It it so fun to play with different textures, patterns, and mixing up style era’s. If you love this post ” FIVE Retro Trends to bring into 2017″ then don’t forget to leave a comment below! If there is anything you are dying for me to write about tell me!! I would love to cater directly to what you all WANT to see!

xo, Jas

Outfit Details:

Denim Jacket, Metallic Skirt, Striped Tee, Sparkly Sneakers(similar here), Tory Burch Bracelet