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DITCH the Resolutions








Okay Okay, I realize that is totally two days ago. But If you are anything like me the first of the year was a little bit of a Netflix and chill day. So no work was happening and I vegged out like ALL day. However I thought with it being the first Monday of the year, and everyone is all rah rah, new year, new me that it was important to break down why I ditched the New years Resolutions and used something MUCH more valuable.

It’s not too late. You can DITCH your resolutions now too. Go ahead throw them away. TRUST ME this will help you so much more for the actions you actually want to accomplish this year.

Let me tell you a little bit about why resolutions don’t work. Typically resolutions are just things we want. Want out of our life, relationships, career etc. 99% of the time they are completely unattainable. What ends up happening is every new years you create this list of things you “promise” yourself you are going to change. BUT I ask you to really think back about how many of those you actually have completed?

The idea is to make goals for yourself, right? Something to put your hard-work and dedication into. Well lets break that down a bit.

Have you ever heard of S.M.A.R.T Goals? I know, what a bore. Straight back to college. But as boring as they may be they are smart for you to set for yourself. So ditch the basic resolutions and start fresh with some smart goals.

Goals that are:

  • (S)Specific
  • (M) Measurable
  • (A) Attainable
  • (R) Realistic
  • (T) Timely

If your goal contains all five of these key components you are setting yourself up for success. It is important to give your self time boundaries. Give yourself a date you want to be done by. Give yourself realistic expectations, think about them. Is want you want achievable in your time frame?

Wait though, lets take this one step further. Don’t just write these down and hide them away. Literally write these down EVERYWHERE. Put a list on your fridge. Next to your bed. In your cube. In your planner. On your bathroom mirror. Places that you will be constantly reminded to achieve these goals. You can be your own motivation this way. And if you still choose to ignore what you said you wanted out of your life, well then you can only blame yourself!

Sorry, it’s the truth.

So again, If you wrote out resolutions. DITCH them! Or add least make some modifications. Use the boring 5 step smart method and plaster that list everywhere you go in your life and I will be shocked if you don’t complete some of those goals!

xo, Jas