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Everything you NEED to know before going to Cuba

Hello hello!

On Wednesday night I went “live” for the first time ever on Instagram! I answered the following 10 questions in the video above about Cuba! This video is seriously everything you need to know about Cuba! Especially if you are traveling as an American!

In the video I answer everything from how did you go to Cuba? To, did you have wifi?

Unfortunately my camera stopped recording about 20 mins into the Instagram live. The second 20 mins I got so many questions that I loved answering! Below I will break down some of those extra questions and my answers so that you still get a full break down!


1. I heard the police limit areas that tourist could go to, is that true? I didn’t experience this, we had pretty free range on where we could go in Havana. Although we didn’t try to go outside of the city very much so there very well could be. I’m not totally sure.

2. Can you bring back Cuban cigars? Yes! You can! We only brought back one because myself nor Andrew smokes. But I believe that you can bring up to ten per person. However stear clear of street vendors. Our host told us that they put banana leaves inside them instead of Tabbaco. Gross.

3. What all did you bring back from Cuba? We only brought back a few things. We brought back the one cigar, one small bottle of rum. And then this handmade bag I bought at this local store in old Havana. it safe to stay in an Airbnb? Yes! Completely! We felt very safe when we were there!

5. How did you know your host would exchange money? We had chatted with him beforehand! He told us he would exchange and that he was better rate than the airport! So check with the hotel you are staying at or the host of your Airbnb, and see if they will exchange for you.

Anyways! Thanks so much for watching! If there is ANYTHING else you have a question about, seriously LET ME KNOW!!! I would love to answer anything I can!

Xo, Jas