New Years Eve is quickly approaching and just like every other year i’m that girl that waited until LAST minute to figure out what the hell i’m going to wear, and lets not forget we still have NO idea what the hell we are doing for the evening anyways.

We like the pressure, maybe? who knows.

Anyway, usually every single year I make some delayed NYE plans and I scramble to find something to wear. I end up choosing the LBD hidden in the back of my closet. You know the one i’m talking about. We all have them. The easy go to back dress that you can dress up for any fancy occasion. boring.

I know I know, I’m guilty as well. Have been for many years. This year I decided I was still going to be a little bit of a bore and do black, but that I was determined to add in a little sparkle. I didn’t go for the typical sequins, studs, or glitter and instead went with a super chic & elegant metallic mini.

The metallic has been ALL over the fashion scene lately. Go into any major clothing store and I’m sure you will be able to find a shiny metallic that meets your needs. So drop the LBD this year. Shake things up even in the tiniest bit and heads will turn. Promise!

Here are some of my favorite Metallics that you can add to any New years outfit to add a major plot twist to the LBD.

I’m Wearing…. Metallic Mini from Express | Black TurtleNeck |

If you loved this post about the plot twist on the LBD be sure to check out my pinterest board for “style” there is so much Metallic and jeweled inspirations on there! Don’t forget, Stay classy this NYE!

xo, Jas