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Backpacking with Winter Clothes; PRO PACKING TIPS!

Happy Wednesday! It has been almost two weeks since my last blog post and I feel like I haven’t talked to you guys in forever! I’m all about only putting content out there that you actually want to read and that I put the time and effort into creating for you. I would love to hear what you guys think. How often are you reading this content? Do you want more? What topics are you interested in?!The more you tell me the more I can craft what you are looking for!  Well anyways lets get started. How to go Backpacking with Winter Clothes and my pro packing tips!

Last winter was my first time actually backpacking. We had planned a nine day Nordic vacation (see more here, here, and here) and the temps were forecasted to be in the low 20s. Preeeetty chilly for this Florida girl. Andrew(my boyfriend) goes a little crazy when it comes to luggage. He likes to only carry on, no checking allowed. On top of that he always brings a backpack. So when were in Europe he is running through the train station with ease, I’m lagging behind with my roller bag and tripping and falling all over people. Hence Andrew forcing me to get my first backpack.

Since we were going to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway I knew it was going to be freezing and all I could think about was my clothes and how bulky they were going to be. How was I suppose to fit NINE days into a backpack. So I searched the web, pinterest etc. Everyone had tutorials for summer clothes but that was going to help me!  I began to piece together a few tips and tricks and created my own formula that will be sure to have you packing at least a weeks worth of winter clothes into just a backpack!

Watch the full video for all the tips and tricks! One thing I didn’t mention but figured it may help is I didn’t bring nine shirts and nine pants. I re-wore some things, maybe even a few times. I intermixed all my outfits, this is why it is so important to plan out your whole trip so that you know exactly what type of clothes you need to bring. See my tips on how to plan out your itinerary here.

Don’t know where to buy the perfect backpack?! Here are my three top favorites…

So there you have it! Backpacking with winter clothes and my pro packing tips! I hope you enjoyed! I would love to answer any other questions you have. Feel free to shoot me an email at, a quick DM on insta @jasminenhorne, OR snap me! I love snapping you all!

Xo & Safe Travels,