Cozy Winter Wear

Living in Florida it is extremely hard to get into holiday gear when the weather is still blazing at 85 degrees. Although it may make for a great beach day we do miss out on the cozy winter and fall days that we see all our northern friends enjoying. HOWEVER when he temps drop to 50, we break out all our winter gear. I always get excited because I’m a huge sweater person and I never have a good enough excuse to wear them outside. In this post I will break out my favorite cozy winter wear and where you can get the best deal!

If you would look at my closet you would find so many sweaters you would think I lived in Canada. Andrew calls them my Frumps. I just love them so much. I love being cozy, drinking some hot chocolate, and wearing fuzzy sucks! One of my many favorite things. I have been on the hunt for some fun turtle necks and  some longer sweaters that you can wear with leggings. In the pictures below I have on this super comfy white sweater from Gap Factory, paired with this navy buttoned suede skirt. A perfect combo for Florida Winter.

I got these items at a crazy deal! I’m obsessed with hitting the outlet stores. In my town we have Miromar Outlets and they are seriously perfect. Have every store you are looking for. I know in the past outlets stores were known to only carry last seasons clothes. But I am finding all of this years trends along with current website sections from the main retail store IN these outlet stores. I save money and can still get the latest fashion. A true win/win.

Below I have listed out my favorite go to sweaters for this Cozy Winter Wear season:

For more cozy winter wear inpso, check out my pinterest board! It is filled with cozy wear, holiday ideas, and just style combinations! Plus don’t forget to follow the rest of this week on Instagram as I have partnered with Miromar Outlets all week long!

Happy Thanksgiving!