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20 Trips to Take in your 20s

It is truely important to get out and see the World. Get familiar with your area. Explore. See a new town, city, or country. Get Cultured.

Learning about the World and how others live in it is something that books and pictures just can’t teach you, and I guarantee you anyone that has traveled or lived in another area of the World would tell you the same.

Why Listen to me? Well thats a great question, and to be completely real with you, I don’t have any kind of extensive background in this. But this is what I know, I’m 24 and I have always longed to travel the World. I didn’t study abroad in college, I’ve lived in the same town my entire life, and only got a passport 6 years ago. In that time I have traveled to eleven different countries, sometimes twice or three times! I know this may seem SO small to other travel experts out there but traveling has completely opened my eyes. I’m addicted and can’t stop, traveling is a drug. Trust me, if I can get out there and travel so can you!

So here is my list of the TOP 20 Trips to take in your 20s. Some places I have been to and recommend, and others I long for and plan to hit in the reaming years of my 20s.

  1. PARIS- my number one for a reason! It is the most beautiful place in the world. Go with your significant other, It’s super romantic.  Read More about Paris. 
  2. GREECE- Specifically the islands. I was not a Athens fan too much, so skip and head straight for the cliffside. See Santorini First Hand. 
  3. NYC- how in the world I have never been to NYC baffles me, but this is a major LUST destination.
  4. ITALY- The Amalfi Coast is just unreal. Capri is still one of my favorite places. I dream about this little speed boat we rented and drinking Italian beers in the deep blue Mediterranean.
  5. LONDON- This preppy culture is just to die for. There was so much to explore that we have to go back because we missed so much of it! English Tea or Bust. 
  6. SAN FRANCISCO- Again here, not sure how I haven’t been here yet but it is on the agenda for the big 25th Birthday. Anj get ready 😉
  7. BAHAMAS- You just gotta go here in your 20s, its a total spring break destination, but why not?
  8. MEXICO- Uhm, CABO! Enough Said
  9. VEGAS- What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? But seriously such a fun place. I did it as a girls trip and we had a blast!
  10. AMSTERDAM- Really fun city, even if you aren’t into the whole coffee culture there is a ton to do! Explore the tulip fields, and ride a bike everywhere you go! How to see Amsterdam in Two Days. 
  11. AUSTRALIA- If the flight wasn’t so long I probably would have gone already.
  12. AFRICA- Really just the top part. I mean totally interested in South Africa, just SO pricey. But like Morocco, Egypt, and Dubai area would be insane.
  13. ASIA- My grandbig from my sorority is there right now with her husband on a three month trek and it seriously looks amazing. #inspired
  14. BUDAPEST- While I have never been, Anj has when he studied abroad and said everything is insanely cheap, and the city is a blast. Go with a few friends and rent a giant Airbnb.
  15. COPENHAGEN- I just love the Danes. They are a Hoot! Although this may be less written about, I can tell you first hand this is one of the best cities to visit PLUS an easy port to the many other cities in the EU. Posts about CPH here, and here 
  16. NEW ZEALAND- It is just as far as Australia, so you might as well just hit them both.
  17. FIGI- same as above on this one.
  18. HAWAII- Shout out to all my friends who got to go last year. Looked Amazing.
  19. PERU- If your into being outdoors and hiking some killer mountains this is the place for you.
  20.  CHICAGO- Similar to NYC but cleaner. Or that’s what I hear anyway. No really Chicago is super cool, try to go when the weather will be warm so you can see and do more! See more about the windy city here .
AND there you have it. The top 20 trips to take in your 20s. For more travel inspiration that will get you longing to purchase your next plane ticket check out THIS pinterest board. I die when I scroll through it.