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What I learned my FIRST year blogging

First Year Blogging

The Signature Coast Blog is now ONE year old!! I literally can not even believe I have been blogging for an entire year. There has been so many up’s, sleepless nights, long hours, stressful photo shoots, & writing blocks along the way but everything is worth it for how much fun blogging is! Last night Andrew and I celebrated one year of blogging by hitting our favorite beach, catching the beautiful sunset and sippin’ on rose! If you were one of the many who questioned what our “celebration” was all about I am SORRY to get your hopes up!! Just very exciting that all of mine (and Andrews) input into this blog as flourished into its first year in Business!!

If you are thinking about starting your own blog, currently have a blog, or just are interested in learning a bit about what it is like behind the scenes then keep on reading to find out What I learned my first year blogging…

First Year Blogging

First Year Blogging

First Year Blogging

First Year Blogging

First Year Blogging

First Year Blogging


This has to be the best piece of advice I good give you or something that I have learned. Whether you are deciding if you should start a blog, a business, change direction, maybe starting a new platform, literally just. do. it. Everyone needs to start somewhere and I think that is one of the hardest parts about blogging. Trust me, do I want to be Julia Engel? Or Amber Fillerup? OF COURSE!! Am I anywhere close to providing the quality & information they do? NO WAY! You have to start small. Take little wins where you can. If you start with your iphone taking photos, thats fine. Make a goal of saving x amount until you can get a great camera! But get your voice out there, whatever way that may be!

Keep it Real; Keep it You:

To the point above, about getting out there quickly. Make sure everything you do is authentic not only to you but to your brand, and your brand’s audience. Recently I have been thinking about reconfiguring my brand identity because I am not sure how true it really is to me as it was a year ago when I first started. Everything I write about here on my site is something I am truely passionate about. Anything that is sponsored is because I truely believe in the company, and would recommend something to you all just as I would to my best friends. I like to stay candid in all my photos and writing so that you can get to know the real me. But for REAL behind the scenes kind of action, and what my life is actually like day to day, check out my snap UN: JasmineNhorne where it gets MUCH more candid!

Photoshoots take HOURS:

When i first started blogging it looked so easy from the outside. I would see my favorite bloggers and be like look at them they just take the best photos, and their life is so glamourous. Let me just tell you that photoshoots take forever!!! And to be perfectly honest you need a solid plan going into them. Most of us aren’t trained models. I go into every photoshoot with a vision of what im looking for. I take screen shots of images that I love and try to recreate. I sometimes yell at poor poor boyfriend to get “low” to get a better angle (love you anj!) and sometimes every photo I end up hating. Making your vision come to life can be extremely difficult. But one thing I have learned is to try and just have fun with it. Plan out your shoots, plan out every detail. PREPARE your photographer if they are not a professional. Show them shots before hand that you want them to get, sometimes I even make andrew pretend he’s me and I show him exactly where I want him to stand and how to stand to get the shot I want. If you can’t get the shots you want don’t stress over it. let it be, and come back to it in a few days. Live yo life!

The #’s Game:

I am still guilty of this, but I totally got/ still get caught up in the numbers game. I TRY and TRY not too. But its so hard. I just want five billion million followers lie everyone else. I compare myself to other bloggers in the space even though I know I shouldn’t and wonder why I haven’t grown as fast. But one thing I have learned and just recently started implementing is to stop complaining and whining about why I don’t have as many numbers and try and push my content to literally anyone that will listen and follow along to try and grow my numbers more organically. I know its a long game, but damn its tough.

Where to invest your Dollars:

Okay so BIG mistake I made here was investing money into blogging courses, books, templates, etc. YES it is great to learn everything you can. Yes it is great to learn best practices, yes some templates do help you. After a year would I invest my money into a course? Maybe. But in the beginning it was all too much for me. I thought it held me back from getting to where I wanted to be because I had to pick and choose what I was going to divest my time into. Doing a module on how to increase my SEO? OR actually writing a blog post. It was too much. Now that I have a system down, and I feel like I have my content strategy pretty laid out, I am going to re-asess my blogging course and hopefully be able to make improvements to my site from it. So that TSC can keep evolving as I begin to evolve.

All in all blogging as been one of the funnest things I have done, and I am extremely happy that I have made it through my first year. It can only go up from here! If you love TSC then make sure you tell your friends!! I post daily content on my Instagram @jasminenhorne and weekly blog post here! PLUS I would love love love to hear from you. Drop me a line, shoot me a DM, send an email to This blog is nothing without YOU! You wonderful amazing audience. I appreciate every single one of you and you are my inspiration to keep providing content that you care about.

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Heres to another year,

xo, Jas