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Best Airlines for Cheap Flights!

cheap flights

If you can’t tell I LOVE traveling. Seriously one of my favorite things. Everything from the moment money drains from my bank account to planning the small details & actually flying out. I. am. obsessed. I’ve probably mentioned it before but if just traveling and testing out new airlines, hotels, and food was a job- is that a job? You could totally sign me up!

Buuuut besides me rambling about how much I love travel the whole reason you are here is to find out just HOW exactly you can travel for as cheap as possible without slacking on any of the glam chicness you see from your favorite bloggers. So here are the top three BEST airlines for the cheap flights! Plus a few other tips and tricks that I like to use as rule of thumb when planning any upcoming vacations.

Lets break it down…. What airline should you choose for your next International Trip?

Cheap Flights


By a landslide Norwegian air is my favorite airline. Better than any domestic airline you have flown before and offers some seriously amazing deals! We are constantly on their site just plugging in random dates and checking on the prices. This has spurred many great trips planned out of thin air.

What makes them so great? They have super cheap flights! They are all direct flights out of major cities. They provide extra leg room, special lighting so that you don’t get jet-lagged, AND their overhead storage is huge! So bring on your bag and save a few dollars! Plus they have the best in-flight entertainment around. Everything they do is super chic, comfortable, and easy. We love them!

cheap flights


Now i’m speaking not from experience but I can imagine that WOWair is a wonderful airline. I recently just found them and they are relatively new to the space. Only since 2011. Just as Norwegian does they have direct flights internationally SUPER cheap.

Why should we try them? They fly to over 23 countries and have a very similar process to Norwegian air. Ever wanted to see the Northern Lights? Fly out of one of their major ports for less than $350 roundtrip! I haven’t been able to find anything on their in-flight entertainment but I will most likely be flying them in the near future so I will report back!

Cheap Flights

VIRGIN America:

This is serious flying in style. Not only do they have special mood lighting throughout the cabin but they have a ton of fun features that you can upgrade to as well. Clearly in-flight entertainment is important to me and this airline offers GREAT movies & tv shows.

What you’ll love about them: Check their site out and take a tour around the airbus! It basically feels like you are right there! Right now if you select your outbound city it will show you all the cheapest deals to other cities around the US! RN they have FLL –> JFK(NYC)  for $89 each way!

So what else do you do to find all of these amazing flight deals?!

  • Use the Hopper app! Plug in your dream trips and be notified when the prices drop or how long you should wait till you purchase your ticket!
  • Book 30-60 days out! Study’s show, and I have actually used this trick. It seems the cheapest flights are within this time frame. 30 days may be pushing it, but maybe you can find some last minute stuff?
  • Keep a nest egg! Granted I am probably the worst person to tell you to save your money. Im seriously SO bad at it. But I always like to know I am saving for something. Usually that something for me is an upcoming trip I want to take. It is important to save money each week for travel that way if you find a killer flight deal you won’t have to break the bank!

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