Best Online Sites to Sell Clothing


Hi Everyone! Thank you all so much for your support in checking out my Poshmark store! I mentioned on my instagram and snapchat that you are now able to directly shop right from my closet into yours by heading into my poshmark closet.

I decided to start cleaning out my closet of some of the items I LOVE but never wear. But instead of taking them to my local plato’s were I basically get zero cents to every dollar I decided to start looking at some alternative ways I could get rid of some unused clothing. I figured since I was doing all the research for myself anyways I thought why not share it with you all so that you can start making some cash too!! Below is my quick guide for the best online second hand retailers.

Poshmark poshmark poshmark


  • Explain- Basically you create your own closet full of items you would like to sell. You then start connecting and gaining followers to your “closet” by joining posh parties. These parties can be “fall favorites, Leopard Print, End of Summer clearout, etc.”  All you do to join is post one of your items to that current party.
  • Why I love it-I love it because there is no monthly subscription fee, ALL your earning get deposited right into your bank account, plus they give you a shipping label.
  • The Catch-Just like any platform gaining followers isn’t easy. So make sure you are consitently uploading and joining new posh parties.


  • Explain- Pretty similar concept as poshmark. You create a closet to sell all of your pieces to other Tradesy members.
  • Why I love it- Most items on this site are seriously top notch. PLUS free shipping and returns. They send you the shipping kit to box up your pieces.
  • The Catch- Not advertised on their site, but your earnings from your closet do not come in dollar form. what you earn on any piece of clothing you can only re-invest into something else on the Tradesy site (hence the name I guess).


  • Explain- Designer pieces for a legit low cost. If you are balling on a budget but still want to splurge for a designer handbag, garment or jewels this is the site for you.
  • Why I love it-Everything is authenticated, and you can get new in season bags at a major discount.
  • The Catch-it’s $20 a month to be a member. Just not my thing.


  • Explain-Similar to therealreal. I was browsing their site for hours. Designer pieces at a SUPER low cost. Unless your looking for a Hermés, in that case might as well just buy the real damn thing.
  • Why I love it- Again all about that bargin shopping. Plus it will tell you if an item has a guaranteed authenticity.
  • The Catch-Some of the items can be a little aged, and the site is not totally user friendly.

Would love to hear & follow any of you who open a closet and are selling some fun items!! Let me know in the comments below if you have a poshmark, or Tradesy account! Don’t forget to follow my closet using THIS link. I will be continuing to post new items throughout the week.

xo, jas