Summer Midi Dresses

Hi everyone! 

I feel like it has been FORever since I’ve been writing blog posts. I literally have just been in this funk where I haven’t wanted to go onto any social media and just like totally veg out on all of my summer tv series. Anyone watching the bacherlotte?! It is my guilty pleasure of trashy tv every Monday and I love it. But I of course don’t want any of you loyal readers to think I forgot about the blog! So I am back… like for real. I wanted the first post back from my social media hiatiaus to be soemthing fun and that everyone can relate to. I don’t know about you but in florida the temepertures are scorching and it is just extremely miserable to be outside. I have been living in dresses just because I can’t stand the thought of pants like sticking to my legs. Therefore I bring you summer midi dresses that we can all take some pleasure in and add these pieces into our closets. 

I have talked about midi dresses perviously here and here, they truely just go with anything and they are easy to throw on and instantly look stylish. I am all about looking the best I can with putting in the least amount of effort possible. These dresses are fun to pack for vacation to either wear with flats walking around a city, at night for a cocktail hour, or even to wear to a wedding. I took some of the below pictures with one of my favorite midi dress that I have literally had for years. BUT I have also included several links for some of the hottest midi dresses I am eyeing towards the end of this post.

Ann Taylor Banana Leaf Midi 

Asos Colorblock & Floral Midi 

Heleen Floral Print Midi 

If you want more summer midi dresses inspiration check out my pinterest here. I have a whole board dedicated to spring/summer trends that are hot right now and Midi’s are all over it! 

<3 Jas