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Afternoon Tea at SKETCH, London




If you have been following along the past few weeks then you know I recently just got back from a nine- day vacation in London, Paris, and Copenhagen. I will be going in depth about each of the cities and of course sharing all the photos over the next few weeks! BUT when thinking about what my first post coming back was going to be, I knew it had to be about having Afternoon Tea at SKETCH, London.

Sketch was one of my MUST do’s while in London. It has been pinned many times on my pinterest boards, and this travel fantasy was actually going to come to life. Originally I had figured that I would drag my boyfriend with me and his sister would do the same. Little did we know you have to make reservations for afternoon tea and the slots fill up quite quickly.

We were five days out from our trip and I went to Sketch online to make a reservation. They only had a spot for 2! I quickly put my credit card info on file and reserved the table for two. I called seconds later to see if it was possible to make it a four top, and the hostess kindly told me I was lucky to even get the table for 2. She had released it because someone cancelled and I reserved it before she could give it to someone on the waiting list (lucky me).

So, make a reservation far in advance. Alyssa and I decided it would probably be more fun if us girls just went alone anyway and then the guys can just do their own thing. We were right in making that decision! We got to Sketch around 4pm on a Monday. When you arrive you walk through a set of black curtains and enter into a game of hopscotch! You then walk all the way to back and arrive in the all pink tearoom. We were in complete awe.

We sat down with extreme excitement, our lipstick just right, and giant grins on our faces. Our waitress scurries over and immediately says ” you guys look excited!” and we screeched ” we are!!!” From there she has you select what type of afternoon tea you would like or more importantly with or without the champagne. We obviously picked the champs version.

Included in your meal price you receive one glass of champagne (we picked rosé), an individual teapot, an assortment of finger sandwiches, pastries, parfait’s, cakes, scones, and candies.

We each finished our teapots, all of our treats, and really just enjoyed chatting for three hours! By the time we decided to leave the tearoom had begun to clear out as they were preparing for the dinner shift. This provided us with an opportunity to whip out the DSLR camera and take some pictures with Flash! The servers probably hated us, but the lighting is awful in there so this really made a difference.

We then explored the bathroom, and let me just say coolest. bathroom. ever. You almost feel like you are in the willy wonka factory. Below the egg- shaped stalls you’ll find a bar complete with leather couches, a DJ booth, and funky prints all over the walls!

We absolutely loved our experience. I would highly recommend to anyone heading to London. Sketch is very easy to find, and honestly completely made my London experience.