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Bleu Cellar & Blue Blazer


Strolling around Naples is one of my favorite things to do. They really just keep the city pristinely beautiful. Third street south is by far my favorite hidden gem of the city. With bustling restaurants, fun cocktail bars, and a quick two minute walk from the naples pier you just cant go wrong. Bleu Cellar is actually a wine bar connected to the Bleu Providence.


When we were taking pictures here we were actually invited inside to exclusively see where they keep all of their wine. 3000 bottles of wine at any given moment! That is insane! The aisles went on and on, they even had cork made flooring that way if you were to ever drop a bottle you wouldn’t have to worry about it breaking! uhhh, I need that in my house?

For a Spring afternoon in Naples I wanted to bring in the naples prep style, mixed with the whole bandana trend going on. Adding the bandana can really just make any outfit instantly pop. I loved the pop of red in contrast with all the navy and whites I had going on.

The ripped denim help give the structured look of a blazer a softer feel. I like the contrast within the outfit between business and casual. It adds a different dynamic that makes me feel more comfortable to go for a bold statement piece like a red printed bandana.

I have been loving trying out all of the new trends lately. Check out my 70’s Mules look here. Next Week I will be posting my Coachella inspired look, and a black and tan maxi!

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