Lazy Girls Guide to a Travel Itinerary

In the next few weeks I am going on yet again another trip. This time to London & Paris. I am a first timer to these cities so I am EXTREMELY excited!! After my last adventure to Europe I got a ton of questions about how I planned out my trip and the activities that I did. Or just even where to start when planning a trip, especially when you are on a tight budget.  So today I bring you the lazy girls guide to a travel itinerary.

Traveling is one of the best hobbies to have, and the memories you create when traveling are priceless. But planning for a trip? That is just stressful! Well it’s supposed to be isn’t it? WRONG! Planning for travel can be easy AND fun with the proper direction and tools. I am going to give you everything you need to plan an epic vacation! (+ a FREE travel planner that you can download today!)


  • Starting early for a trip is key. Any experienced travel will tell you that proper planning prevents poor performance. So when looking towards your next adventure, pick a time frame. I like to look at my calendar and see where it is a little lighter than normal and pick that week/weekend to plan an upcoming trip. The best way to get cheap flights is to book them 60-90 days out(more on that here). So early does not by any means have to be a year in advance, although it could, I would stick with the 90 days out as a rule of thumb for any upcoming trip.


  • I like to keep a running tab of inspiration for travel in the notes section of my phone. I have a whole list of everywhere I want to travel to in America/Canada & Europe. I feel like I have to tackle these before I can venture into Asia Pac! But totally your preference! It is your inspiration after all. People are also always tagging Instagram pictures of their travels so I like to screen shot peoples pictures I think are really cool and let those guide me as well.


  • Pinterest is the perfect place to begin your data exploration! Whenever I am going on a new trip I instantly create a Pinterest board. I then will invite whoever I am traveling with so that they also can pin ideas of fun activities we may want to do while traveling. (check out my London & Paris spring board).
  • From here I begin making a list of ALL the things I want to see, eat, do, and take pictures at in each city (This is included in the travel planner!!). I gather price points depending on the attraction and also read a ton of reviews on trip advisor to hear what others had to say about their experience.


  • I like to plan my days according to the locations of the attractions I want to visit. I will try to stay in one central area to maximize the time I am spending in said city. Lately I have been using maps to help create day by day track of how close everything is to each other to plan out exactly what attractions I want to see each day!


  • This is where you take all that inspiration and data you have gathered plus the maps detailing your activities and place it on the final day by day view of your itinerary. Add in all your other travel time, train time, check in/check out etc. This will help give a really great overview of what your goal is to accomplish each day while traveling, to ensure you don’t miss that really cool spot to grab a coffee, or to take that insta-worthy picture at that cool location!

I hope this guide helps you plan an unforgettable vacation. Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD my blank template to build your next travel itinerary. Included you will have a budget tracker, an itinerary builder, a day by day view, AND an info & details page you can share with family and friends!

Once you use the template and plan out your next vacation I would love to hear where you are going, or even some of your best planning tips! Either comment below, or snap me @jasminenhorne