Mermaid Braid & Spring Makeup Tutorial

I partnered with an old friend who is makeup artist, to promote her AH-mazing services in the South Florida Area and to bring you this gorgeous mermaid braid & spring makeup tutorial!

Stephanie and I grew up in the same area, went to the same schools, we’re both cheerleaders and now are both running our own entrepreneurial businesses.

To schedule Steph for your next special event you can DM her on her Instagram at @kissandmakeupbysteph 

I asked Steph to collab together to feature off her gorgeous makeup. If you follow me on snapchat you got to see first hand just how much makeup Steph has! I am mad jealous of her collection!! We had so much fun creating this look for you guys and I’m going to share some great tips Steph shared with me. ALL makeup details, as well as my best description of how to create this braid are below. 
P.S on that- if you wanna see a video tutorial oh this mermaid hair tweet me @signaturecoast

Let’s start with what everything on my face is for you, in case you want to purchase!
Eyebrows- Anastasia medium brown brow
Lid-Anastasia Pink Champagne/Hot Chocolate
Eye Crease- MAC Saddle
Bronzer- MAC Give Me Sun
Blush-MAC Warm Soul
Cheek Highlighter- Banana power NYX
Lashes- Elf
Liner- MAC Black Trac
Eye Highlighter- Champagne Pop
Lip- MAC Whirl
Urban decay- Eyeshadow Primer
Brow Highlight- MAC Nylon

Steph also shared with me some really fun tips that you can incorporate into your daily makeup routine

1. Always clean your bushes, but before use spray them with a finishing spray, it will help pick up more of that colored pigment from eyeshadow to bronzer all in between.
2. Use the baking method when highlighting. What this means is taking your highlighter(in this case NYX Banana) and one of those sponges. Damp the sponge and LOAD UP the banana power, put it all under your eye and let it dry. Once dry dust of all the excess with an extra bronzing brush.
3. Don’t waste money on super pricey fake eyelashes. The elf brand are as good as any, and they are a $1!

Now for the hair. Let me just say this hairstyle is much easier when you have someone helping you out. I’m terrible at braiding behind my head, so luckily I had my sister help me out.

1. Separate your hair into 3 sections, clip back the left and ride sections.
2. Start with a French braid at the top of your middle section until you are at the nape of your neck, then begin to fishtail until you reach the bottom of the middle section. Secure with elastic.
3. Unclip the left and right sections. Take a top thick chunk of hair from the right side. Twist it away from your face. Try to pull apart as much as possible. Then wrap around your head and pin the twist to French braid, letting the excess hang with now the left side.
4. Repeat this step on the left side. Then alternate doing sides until all the hair is twisted back and pinned.
5. On the last twist, you may have to wrap it twice. Just use an extra Bobby pin, and pin underneath.
6. Pull apart everything! Make all the twist as big and luscious as you can. Make the fishtail big and a little messy looking!

Would love to see if you recreate his hairstyle yourself! Send me a tweet @signaturecoast or tag me in your picture on Instagram @jasminenhorne