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How to STAYcation

STAYcation, this is where you stay where you are locally, but also get away on some kind of vacation. This type of vacation is more common than you think, because I mean real vacations are kind of expensive. Growing up in FL, my family and I were always going on staycations. You get away for just a day or so, and you come back home feeling totally relaxed.

Now I know you are probably thinking, okay that’s easy because you live in Florida. And yes I can not argue that. BUT this is your guide for how to have a super relaxing staycation no matter your location. With spring break right around the corner it is important to take some time to yourself, get away from your daily life, and enjoy a little fresh air.

The key ingredients to any staycation are as follows:

  1. A relaxing place to stay that is not your current residence. I like to try out different hotels in my area, but you could always check out airbnb, homeaway, or even just swap houses with some friends for the weekend. Being in a different location allows you to step out of your norm, forces you to pack up your belongs and leave the unimportant stuff behind. I recommend staying at least one day. But if you can squeeze out two days, go for it!
  2.  Be in good company. Yes you can totally do a staycation by yourself, and have a wonderful time! BUT if you are choosing to go with others, make sure they are the people that make you the happiest, don’t cause stress, or argue with you over little details. You want to surround yourself with the people you wouldn’t mind if you were stranded on a deserted island with.
  3. Bring Supplies. Now this could really be anything. But if I am going somewhere with a pool or beach, I like to bring a cooler full of my favorite drinks, a fun beach towel, and of course a hat. But let’s say your still somewhere a little chilly, maybe this means bringing a book you’ve been dying to read, and a new dress to go out to a fancy dinner in.

In all the pictures above, we were at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point. This has been a go-to place for us for years. It’s only about a 10 minute drive, but you feel like you are on a tropical island when you’re there. Most recently on our trip there we got word that they are putting in a giant lazy river around the entire pool area, and there is already like 5 pools. So, I think this will continue to be a favorite for us.

I know gathering your stuff to just go 15 minutes away, might seem a little crazy. Once you are there you are going to be thanking yourself and saying, “why don’t I do this more often?!” We all need to unwind sometimes, and sometimes you can have a great time just right in your backyard.

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What I’m Wearing: One Piece|Sandals|Coverup|Hat|Sunnies