Chambray Shift Dress

I’m all about the Chambray. There is something so relaxing but classic about it. Chambray use to really be only a long sleeve button up hanging in my closet, but my love for it has only multiplied. This Chambray shift dress was the perfect piece to add to the collection. Chambray or not, shift dresses are an all time fav because of how they can be both casual, low maintenance, but also adorable.

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I wore this dress to attend an event in Miami for South Florida Bloggers. I knew the event was at a book store, and I wanted something that would say I am laid back, but can also be stylish. This chambray dress was exactly that for me. Since then I’ve worn the dress about three more times. I am just in love.

You know those pieces that you just keep going back to until they are so worn down you have to throw them away? Those are the best pieces because they can really tell a story. You can create so many memories in just one piece of clothing. I think I may break this dress out a few more times while in London in a few months. It’ll be the perfect dress for spring, and easy traveling.

The necklaces I am wearing are two different versions of coordinate necklaces! I am obsessed with both of them. One represents where I went to college, and the other represents my home town and beach of Fort Myers.

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