Play Date for V-day

Remember when you were younger and you would write valentines for every person in your class? You would attach your favorite sweets and hand them out to all your best-est friends. More than likely your your mom was your valentine but it didn’t matter. Valentines day was the best holiday to get all your candy kicks in right at the beginning of the year.

For the last Valentines day post of 2016 I wanted to go back to my childhood, and be super playful! This denim romper was just adorable! I couldn’t pass it up.


Not sure what to do this Valentines day? That is totally fine! Just do something you love! Because essentially that is all the day is really about… I think were just going to grab some brunch, and then kind of just see where the day takes us! I somehow have Monday off, so I think I will probably just be lounging all day watching a bunch of sappy love movies. Gotta get em in while I can.

Interested in this denim romp? Shop it HERE!