Whole Lot of Love

Planning what to do for valentines day can always be stressful. Do you go to dinner? Stay in and order pizza? Do an activity? Skip it all together… There are SO many options and to be honest you should really just do whatever works for you. I do agree that this is a day you should let the person you love know how much you love them. But really make the day more about the favorite things you love to do together. 

I was so excited that Anj agreed to be in his first feature on SignatureCoast! He was such a good sport about it and who knew he was such a model?!?! For this Valentines Day, we still have not solidified our plans. To be honest though that is totally us to leave the plans in the air. We kind of just go with the flow, see what we feel like doing, and make the best of it! 

I bought this bow dress from Nordstrom for my company Christmas Party. I loved it so much the first time I wore I had to get at least another use out of it. I’ve linked where you can shop this dress, my earrings, shoes & Anj’s Ensemble, along with other similar recommendations HERE. 

Much love this V-day, remember you do you & have fun with it!