Sweet Lace in the Secret Garden

As far as holidays go, Valentines day has got to be one of my favorites. It is right up there with Christmas! Although Valentines day is not as extreme, it still is such a cheerful holiday which celebrates love and I just love that. The whole month is filled with pink hues, roses, and candy. What girl is not about any of those three?!

For this valentines day I wanted a look that was retro glam, and I found this perfect baby pink lace midi dress. I was instantly obsessed! The dress has a mesh section connecting the top and bottom heavy lace pieces, making this dress not too overwhelming and giving it the modern flare it needs. 

This dress just made me feel so glamorous, and classy. I would suggest that it is probably best for those on the taller side because it is that mid-length style. However if you are looking for some similar options check them all out here! There is something to make you feel extra glamorous this valentines day in any price rang on my new site powered by Witlee, where you can now shop all of Signature Coast’s Style



Later next week I will be sharing all of the ways that I love spending Valentines Day along with a special guest appearance from the boyfriend. Yes you read that correctly, I am dressing anj all up and putting him on the blog!! 


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