Exploring Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden is known to be one of the most expensive cities in the world. Although this is true, Stockholm is also one of the most clean, modern, and upcoming cities in the world! Stockholm has been a top destination I wanted to travel to since the last time I was in Sweden back in 2014. We spent three days in Stockholm, including New Years eve. In this post I will give you the low-down on how to do NYE in Stockholm on a budget, and some other really fun places you MUST check out during your next swedish vacay!

Where to stay:

We stayed on Norrmalm island, in HTL Kungsgatan. One of the coolest hotels I have ever been in. You can use your phone as your key to the room, there’s a happy hour with the most modern atmosphere, grand staircases, and USB ports for your phones! This hotel offered a complete boutique experience for 1/2 the cost!  Plus if you check out thier website, they give you the scope on all things close by that they reccommend checking out. Truely making you feel more at ease walking into a brand new city.

The location of the hotel was amazing, close to so many shops,amazing eats, and nightlife. It also was only about a 20-30 minute walk to Sodermalm island.

What you MUST See:

  • The Royal Palace
  • Swedish Opera House
  • Swedish Parliament
  • Salu Hall
  • Chokladfabriken
  • Winding Streets of Galma Stan Island
  • ABBA: The Museum
  • Vassa Museum

NYE in Stockholm:

I did a ton of research before we ventured to spend NYE in Stockholm, and there was no one really out there to give me the real deal. So I’ll tell you what we did and what we would have done differently.

  • The Deal with Alcohol- So, buying drinks at a bar or nightclub we knew was going to be super pricey. So we made sure that we went to the system bolaget to grab beer, champs, and liquor if you are planning on pre-gamming (this will save you a ton of money). The System Bolaget closes at 5pm, so make sure you get there early.
    • NOTE: literally nowhere in this country sells ice for some reason, so if you do not have a fridge in your room like us, you may have to make a make-shift ice bath for your drinks in the bathroom sink. Besides this downside, buying some pre-game drinks really helped in the NY costs.
  • Dinner?- We didn’t make reservation, so finding a place that we could eat was a little tough. Some nightclubs were doing a dinner and nightlife experiance, but for like $300 a person. No thanks. We ended up going to this adorable Italian place, with brick walls and chandeliers, so it worked out. BUT if I was to go back, reservation would definatly be made.
  • The Swedish Fireworks- Apparently it is a tradition to go outside before midnight and watch all of the fireworks from all the different little islands of the city. This was really neat, beacause fireworks are always fun, especially on speacial occasions. But if we could have gotten into a club a little earlier, paid less, and skipped the fireworks I would have done so.
  • The Night Scene- On Norrmalm the place we were staying there was maybe 5-6 nightclubs. Each had different reviews online, some places were really pricey and others were strictly for 18-20 year olds. We really wanted to go to BERNS, but it was so much money, I couldn’t justify it. We ended up deciding on the White Room. The white room featured three different rooms, all playing different music, and was a really fun atmosphere. compared to all of the other NYE prices going around, we got into the white room for only $40 a person. Once inside beers were about $9 a pop. The Swedes can be a little pushy on the dance floor accidentally pushing you and what not, but don’t mind them they are just trying to have a good time.

What I wore for NYE:

Black Chiffon Top,Fur Jacket, scuba leggings, Olivia Palermo Bauble Bar Earrings

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