Hot Cocoa & Ice Skates

This is my second to last post recapping my euro trip over the holidays. It’s so fun to post these, because I get to re-live my entire trip and share my pictures along with everything we did while traveling. During my trip I visited three countries, Denmark, Norway, and sandwiched in between was Sweden. 

I was so excited to go to Stockholm, Sweden. I have only heard amazing things. How clean it is, how modern, simple, and stylish it is. ALL of it is 100% true, including how expensive the city is as well… but this city was simply gorgeous. We were able to catch some stunning sunsets, see beautiful architecture, and ring in the new year here. If you are interested in how to spend New Years Eve in Stockholm, be sure to tune in this Sunday! 

During our first full day in Stockholm we walked the lay of the land and got a feel for where everything was. I was on a mission to find this highly rated trip advisor chocolate place. On our way there we saw an outdoor ice skating rink and I just had to go! I convinced Andrew, even though he was a first timer to take the plunge and go skating with me. It was so much fun! I wish this was something we had easy access to in FL, because I would seriously go every day. 

Chokladkoppen is rated 5 stars on trip advisor, and it actually is extremely easy to find. They are known to be the “best hot chocolate” in Stockholm. It is a little hole in the wall shop, with a take away window out front. We opted to sit inside, because the temperatures were severely dropping and I needed to warm up. They serve hot chocolate in giant bowls, making it perfect for you to wrap both of your hands around. I would agree that it is delicious hot chocolate, but I think it was more about the coziness of the environment.

What I’m wearing: Old Navy Sweater, Similar Grey Hat, Basic Black Leggings