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TOP 7 Things to do While in Copenhagen

How to get all the touristy stuff done in ONE day while in Copenhagen! During our second day in Copenhagen we played major tourist. Even though Andrew has seen all these touristy things before, he was kind enough to take me all around the town to hit everything I had pinned to my pinterest board.

Before I tell you how to strategically hit every thing on your list to explore CPH, let me just say if you plan on walking everywhere like we did, wear some really comfy shoes! I mapped out everywhere we walked and we basically walked 6 miles just during this day of exploring.

We started the day from our hotel and then went in order to all of the places listed below. We felt it was the most efficient way to walk to every destination. If you use Google Maps it is really easy to map out how exactly to walk around to every location.

**Tip: even without your wifi connection your iphone location services will work, use this to navigate shortcuts and side streets to cut down when walking through the city! This was super helpful for us!


  1. Christiansborg Palace- This is where the royal family host a variety of events, it was all closed when we were there but, still such beautiful architecture to browse around. Cost:120 DKK if you end up going inside. Apparently the “Great Hall” is a must see.
  2. NyHavn- The famous colorful house up and down Copenhagen’s famous canal. Nyhaven. This street offers gorgeous views, fun waterside restaurants, shops, and bars!
  3. Amalienborg– The Queens Winter Palace, is lined with guards, we watched them swap out during this shifts along with another 200 people because it really is something interesting that we wouldn’t normally see everyday.
  4. Little Mermaid- Carl Jacobson( also a famous for his beer, brewed in Copenhagen) donated the little mermaid statue to Copenhagen. Although there isn’t much to it besides waiting in line to take your picture it still was just something I had to check off my list!
  5. Kastellet- this is an old danish military fortress. Surrounded by two moats, windmills, and rolling hills. Many runners were seen here using the grounds as a perfect running trail.
  6. Christiania– if you look up Copenhagen this is one of the first things that come up to do. BUT to be brutally honest I hated it. One, you are not allowed to take photos, two, it is extremly dirty, and three, you don’t really feel that safe. Glad I went just because its highly rated on trip advisor, but It really was not worth the hike out there.
  7. Tivoli– this is a theme park in the heart of the city, and it cost about $15 dollars to get in. They are open till midnight and do a firework show that can be seen from just about anywhere in the city around 9pm.

The only thing we missed out on that I wanted to see what the Carlsberg brewery. It is a little outside of the city, and the time just got away from us. So I will have to save that one for the next time I am there!

For More on Copenhagen, check out this post here. Stay tuned later this week for how to spend three days; including how we spent New Years Eve in Stockholm, Sweden!