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Travel Guide for Copenhagen, Denmark

Your Guide to Exporing Copenhagen:

Day one is Copenhagen went by way to fast. We landed from our 9 hour flight around lunchtime in Denmark. We then bought a train ticket into Copenhagen city center. When booking our hotels we made sure they were all centrally located to the city center train stations, along with shops, restaurants, and nightlife. So walking to our hotel from the city center train station was only about a 10 minutes. Right on the other side of Tivoli Gardens.

We stayed at Hotel Danmark and it was actually a perfect location. We ended up checking in right at 2pm, and were asked to pick either street view or quiet view. I of course picked street view because I wanted to be able to quickly look out my window and see what was going on out there. This happened to work out great in our favor because we ended up getting a room that was about 3 times the size of the one we had booked online. Find out how we got an amazing deal on this room, here.











Day one was all about exploring. Getting our lay of the land. Andrew has been to Copenhagen a ton of other times so he was the perfect tour guide and knew all the best spots to take me too. When we first got there they actually had all of the Christmas decorations still up, which made the town that much more festive and fun.

First things first we had to walk up and down stroeget street. This is where all of the shopping is. The heart of Copenhagen. I mean seriously everyone walks up and down this street, it has everything from classic danish stores, h&m, zara, and the danish version of Nordstroms; illums. Then we ended up turning down one of the side streets and walked our way to Rosenborg castle. The castle sits on a large park and is guarded by men all day long. We ended up getting here right before sunset which was sadly at 4pm. 🙁

Even though the dark came so quick we still had fun exploring the city at nighttime. The temps weren’t too cold, and we bought a nice warm american style pizza for dinner.

Drinking in the streets is allowed in Copenhagen, so to save a little cash we would go into grocery stores grab two cold beers and then walk around the streets exploring and enjoying a brew. This saved us a ton of money. The price of a beer almost triples when you are buying them in a bar over there.

We had so much fun, just talking, walking, and exploring the bustling city life of Copenhagen. Stay tuned for my next post coming later this week about our second day in Copenhagen where we played complete tourist and got everything done in under 12 hours!!

What I’m Wearing: 

Picture 1: Piko, faux leather leggings, pink & grey beanie

Picture 3: Grey Sweater, Express Ripped Jeans, Puffy (only brown left), chunky grey scarf, combat boots