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Oslo Snow Sledding

If you haven’t been following I just got back from a NINE day very nordic vacay! This is the first post from the trip as well as Signature Coast’s first blog post of 2016! Very exciting!!

Andrew and I spent the last three days of our trip in Oslo, Norway. This was by far the coldest city we visited during our winter trip, but that made for some really fun snow activities. Being that we are from sunny south FL, snow sports are not really our thing.

Oslo is known for it’s amazing skiing/snowboarding at their famous Winter Park. BUT to be honest that was just way to intimidating for me. Before we left I had planned for Andrew and I to go sledding. Below you will see all of our winter wonderland pictures with fresh blankets of white snow & all details about how you can sled in Oslo will be at the bottom. (:


Looking back, this was so much fun, and probably one of the more memorable things we did while abroad during this trip. Although this was probably one of the hardest things I had to learn how to do. If you are not familiar with sledding, steering with the actually reins is basically impossible. I quickly learned after falling off the side of the mountain aaaandd running into walls; to use the heels of my feet to control the speed and direction of my sled. (yes I really did fall, and no andrew didn’t help me). Andrew picked up on the sledding sport much quicker than I did!

Regardless, my biggest piece of advice. WEAR SNOW BOOTS. You think this would be obvious. But Im from Florida. After three runs down the “corkscrew” my toes felt like they had frost bite, and I was begging Andrew to go home. It’s all fun and games until your feet feel like they are falling off.

Want to go Sledding in Oslo? It’s super easy to find and really cheap! It only cost us about $11 dollars per person to rent the sled for the entire day. They also have helmets and gloves if you are in need. No matter where you are in the city, all you have to do is take metro line no.1 to Frognerseteren. The sledding is the very last stop. Once you hop of the metro you will walk down a hill to the left of the metro platform. You’ll then see a restaurant, and a house off to the right where people are coming in and out with their sleds. You then will take your sled and ride it down the mountain they call the “corkscrew” it takes about 8-10 minutes to get completely down the mountain and has tons of twist and turns. Once you get the the bottom, you will see a metro platform up ahead. You’ll ride this metro all the way back to the top and sled back down! Repeat as many times as you’d like! Once you get the hang of sledding is was really SO much fun!! 

Stay tuned for more blogs about my winter euro vacation coming soon. Be sure to subscribe for exclusive updates sent directly to your inbox. If you have any questions about sledding, or Oslo in general please comment below! I’d love to help.