How to Travel to Europe for Less than $900

First of all I hope all of you have had an amazing time with your friends and family celebrating the holidays. I know there has been less posts the last two weeks, but only because I have been enjoying some time off with my family as well! Andrew and I are well into our flight over to Copenhagen at this point and I felt it was only necessary to share with all of you how we are traveling Europe for NINE days visiting THREE countries for all under $900!

When I told some co-workers and friends the deal I got on our flights they all were shocked. Andrew and I had been wanting to go on a vacation for awhile now, I of course wanted to go somewhere cold where I could actually get some use of out of winter coats and scares that the blazing florida sun never allows me to wear!

So we were looking into NY, Washington DC, New Orleans, etc. We just couldn’t justify the cost of going to these cities for about $1000 and for only 3 days. We have flown on Norwegian Air a few other times, and we are huge fans. The Dreamliner is simply just a nice plane and makes your travels extremely comfy. We ended up getting our flights roundtrip for $460 a person! This isn’t just a fluke either. Every other time I have flown them it has been extremely cheap as well.

Yes you may go on the site and see that they are expensive, but keep checking. Clear your cookies, look about 60 to 30 days out. All the standard best practices for flying cheap definitely apply here! We booked on a Tuesday about 60 days out at 11pm.

Want to save more money on your flight? 

  • Don’t reserve a seat Most international flights aren’t full, and more then likely when you check in they can assign you seats together.
  • Don’t pay for your meals Just eat a big dinner before, and bring some snacks along.
  • Don’t check your bag- This one I had some issues with, I ended up packing ALL my clothes in legit the tiniest Backpack ever.  Im basically a hardcore traveler now… more to come on this later. Most airlines allow a 21 x 15 x 11 carry on, along with a purse! Take advantage of the freebies where you can, if you can!
  • Check and see if it is cheaper to fly out a different airport than you are flying into we are doing this! We are flying from FLL to CPH and then on the way home OSL to FLL.

We just love Sweden! So during this trip we just knew we had to head back. We ended up deciding that we would spend 3 days in Copenhagen, 3 days in Stockholm, and 3 days in Oslo! So our flights were booked, and we had to decide how to get to each city. We could have flown, and if your are not a train person, the prices were basically the same. We ended up booking the SJ for about $35 from Copenhagen to Stockholm and also Stockholm to Oslo!

  • Tip- We booked in Swedish Krona and ended up saving a ton rather than converting it to US dollars on the site. So just try to google translate and you may be able to save a few bucks!

For our hotels we booked everything on, we found they had the best deals. We searched through pictures, picked upon location so that we are walking accessible to everything, and read many reviews. Once we decided on the three hotels we booked so we would be ready to go!

  • Tip- Book on your phone!! We saved 20% on every booking just because we did a “mobile” booking rather than over the computer.

And there you have it! We booked nine days, in three countries, with two planes, two trains, and three hotels for all under $900 a person! Of course that is not including our food and drinks, or if we need an uber, but check back after our trip and I’ll be able to give you a final tally.

** I will be traveling until January 5th, so I unfortunately will not be able to post or send out our newsletters. BUT no fear follow along on my Instagram @jasminenhorne for insta-updates of everything I am wearing and all of mine and Andrews’ adventures.