Suitcase Rewind: Halmstad Sweden

Sweden is one of those countries that everyone knows is there, but does not ever think to travel to. Myself included! That opinion all changed after Andrew (my boyfriend) moved over to Halmstad, Sweden to do a semester abroad, while we were in college. He of course could tell you all about the country and just how amazing it is.  I was only in Sweden for about a week, in late March. but it was so beautiful! We are so excited to be going back to celebrate NYE is Stockholm Sweden.


Halmstad is a really small town, but has a ton of great culture and tons of fun restaurants and bars. But what Halmstad is known for the most is the gorgeous beach houses sitting atop giant cliffs overlooking the vast sea. These beaches in the summer are just a non-stop party. The sun is up for almost 22 out of the 24 hours in the day.

We were there in March so it was still bit chilly. We basically had the entire beach to ourselves. If you are ever headed to Halmstad, be sure to check out this beach for yourself, you can learn more about Tylosand here.

Although Tylosand was my favorite memory from Halmstad. There are tons of cute shops in town, and everything is easily walkable!

Andrew and I leave for our Nordic vacation this Saturday! Be sure to follow along with everything we are doing via Instagram @jasminenhorne