Trimming the Tree

Lets be honest. WHO does not love christmas? Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday specifically, Christmas has become an entire season. Taking over mass department stores, tv channels, pandora stations, and decorations up everywhere you go! It’s the time of year that makes people feel extremely happy. Last week my roommate and I decorated our Christmas tree and we had SO much fun.

Jasmine: The Fireside Long Jane Pajamas– in red shimmer stripe (ON SALE NOW)

// Naughty and Nice Red Fur Slippers 

Sarah: Thermal Sleep Legging-in white fair isle //  Sleep Shirt- in solid metal grey 

We picked out all the perfect ornaments to complete our hot pink and gold tree! We mostly shopped at Target, Kirklands, and Home Goods! We really wanted our tree to POP, and have some of those three dimensional pieces. We added a furry white tree skirt to make our christmas tree have even more of a feminine glow to match its skinny fake tree figure…


Sarah cooked this AH-mazing chicken piccata recipe to fuel us up for tree trimming and I turned on ABC Family’s 25 days of Christmas, made cookies, and we laughed so much my abs were sore!


If you are interested in knowing where any of our ornaments were from or how much they were feel free to comment below! You can also tweet me @signaturecoast!

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