50 Shades of Grey: Sweater

Living so close the beach we often take advantage of its beauty. We have been making it a point to just run down real quick after work to watch the sunset, or if we are driving by to stop and just check out the scenery and grab lunch on the water. Being in south Florida we get a TON of tourists, so it’s always nice when you have a good portion of the beach all to yourself to just relax.

It was a little chillier when we headed to the beach last weekend, so I wrapped up in my greys to match the overcast sky! We grabbed a quick lunch at fresh market and brought it down to the beach. It was such a relaxing afternoon, we even saw a Dolphin only 3 feet from shore! It was SO COOL!

I have been living in this grey sweater ever since I got it this past summer. It’s so cozy, but also lightweight enough you can wear it even when the Florida sun is scorching!  Shop these grey and white tones below! Also DONT FORGET to subscribe to SignatureCoast! I will be sharing my TOP PICKS for Cyber Monday ONLY to my subscribers!

Sweater// Scarf//Beanie// White Jeans